Lucie Kordacova is a Czech artist and curator based in London. Through a largely collaborative practice, her work takes the form of site-specific installations, sculptures, videos and performance. She utilises these mediums as a means to both develop and interrogate the dynamics between communities in constructed environments. Lucie is a co-founder of the curatorial platform sixtysevencollective, co-founder of Louder Than Her Productions and is a programmer at the volunteer-run arts venue Deptford Cinema, London. She is part of Italian Culture Organisation Resina, co-curator of the Ferrara Residency, an annual artist residency project in the city of Ferrara, Italy. Kordacova was co-curator of Czech & Slovak Stories, 2015-2016 a film season hosted at Deptford Cinema, in collaboration with Czech Centre and Slovak Embassy. She is a part of RAM reading group (formed 2017), which explores the work of British artist and photographer Jo Spence; and together with Cherche Encore organises a series of sound performance events, A room of one's own. 


She has a BA in Fashion Design from the Technical University in Liberec and an MA in Fine Arts from J.E Purkyne University. She also studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava. She is an alumna of the Recreative Film School 2017 run by South London Gallery. 


Watching a Strange Theatre

There is too much space in this house

Temporary Relationships - performance for an unknown actor

How Did You Get Into My House: Group Performance


Courtesy Begins At Home

Bramer Mansion

In the Garden 


Motion of Difference

A Fluid Haze: thought-forms from Ferrara Residency

Dark But Happy Place: Sulo, Zigova

Watching a Strange Theatre: Old Tidemill Garden


A Room Of One's Own 1

A Room Of One's Own 2

Why Don't  You Go And Play With Your Brother?






Czech & Slovak Stories Season






sixtyseven collective

Ferrara Residency