There is too much space in this house/Odkial Kam? Site-specific installation for ARTROOMS Moravany, Slovakia. In collaboration with Gabriela Zigova. Installation with black fabric, black and white photograph, video, performance, 2019.


Site-specific installation There is too much space in this house is a result of a collaboration between artists Lucie and Gabriela and is a reaction to a specific space and situation. Both artists live and work in London, work with intermedia installations in the form of site-specific installations, sculptures, videos and performance. The work consists of black and white photography of two tents in a rocky landscape, black textile which covers wooden stairs and video in a disused bathroom.


The installation reacts to the space and its history as an apartment, especially with the skeleton of the stairs, the second level which formed a studio, and what was the ground floor bathroom. Simple intervention in the space using black curtains creates a unique visual which appears as a levitating object in the space, and reflecting on the structure and material of a tent. A suggestion of the theatrical medium is supported by the choice of the textile installed as a curtain and its recurrence in all the works. The short video pieces show both artists in preparation for the installation and in living with the object (in this case the curtain). The object fetishises the material which is reflected in performance, video and installation. The video is a documentation of the creative process through collaborative practice. The performance activates the second floor with soft and detailed intervention.


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There is too much space in this house

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