NOT-WRITINGS /  23 MAR - 31 MAR 2018



The exhibition in DDA’s gallery space featured recent works by Athene Greig and Karolina Mikeskova, whom both took part in the residency Ferrara Residency organised by Resina in September 2017. Karolina’s work reuses everyday objects and materials and imbues them with a new life, thinking through notions of failure and transformation, and working with unpredictability to challenge ideas of usefulness. Athene’s practice, rooted in painting, exudes feelings of lightness, tension, fragility and gesture, celebrating the making process and the universe of references behind it.

Not-writings” is an occasion to present a publication about the experience of Ferrara Residency 2017, to show new work by Athene Greig and Karolina Mikeskova, and host a reading session organised by Sandi Hudson-Francis and the newly formed RAM reading group who was also taking part in Ferrara Residency 2017; an informal meeting in the gallery space as a continuation of the conversations on the theme of care that were initiated through a reading group and various encounters during our time in Ferrara. This time it included reading together texts by Jo Spence, a British photographer, writer and cultural worker, as a way to start exploring her archive, to which Sandi has an intimate and unusual connection.


The publication Who Cares? Ferrara Residency 2017, originates from the experience of the first edition of Ferrara Residency, a one-month residency program that took place in the city of Ferrara, Italy, during September 2017, and contains contributions by writer George Jepson, curator Olivia Berkowicz and artist Marianna Feher. As part of the exhibition artist Entschuldigung from Rat Run Records also joined for a sound performance.


The exhibition and events were curated by Angelica Bollettinari and Lucie Kordacova.