Watching a Strange Theatre, in collaboration with Karolina Mikeskova, Installation, CCTV camera, Livestream onto iPhone, Deptford X, London, 2017.

Video and sculpture installation transferring some of the features of the remarkable place of the Old Tidemill Garden – a unique, collaboratively run community space in Deptford – into the vitrine-like gallery space of Deptford X. Live streaming from the Old Tidemill Garden gives the chance to see its active life in real-time, giving the ability to observe while staying unnoticed. The images are screened throughout the night when the nocturnal wildlife comes into its own.

However, due to planned local development, the existence of the garden has been endangered and Deptford's wildlife haven has turned from a stage for natural processes like bloom and harvest, death and rebirth, into a scene of another existential drama about the garden‘s uncertain future.